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Our mission is to design, develop, and deliver high quality comprehensive training courses for early childhood professionals at an everyday low price. Courses can be used towards pre-service and annual training requirements. Earn continuing education units (CEUs) and a certificate of completion immediately after completion.

Popular Courses

Safe Sleep “SUIDS VS SIDS”

This training covers safe sleep, SUID and SIDS and how to respond to a medical emergency in a school setting. Earn a certificate after completion.

Child Maltreatment I

This course focuses on identifying, reporting, and meeting the needs of abused, neglected, or deprived children. Earn a certificate after completion.

Prevention and Control of Childhood Infectious Diseases

This training covers infectious diseases, immunizations, blood-borne pathogens and prevention though basic cleanliness.

My Family
Charlie Nicole — Founder

My Story

Hi, My name is Charlie Nicole. I am the founder of Early Care Evolution and a mom of 3. Before I started this company I was the owner of a home daycare. I always knew I wanted to grow my business, but not in the most common way. Most home daycare owners go from home daycare to center, but I decided to go from home daycare to trainer.

I am dedicated to sharing my experience and education to help others initiate, manage and sustain a successful child care program, because I’m passionate about helping others. Helping others has always given me a sense of satisfaction and happiness. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always looking forward to being apart of your continuous growth and success.

What Our Students Have to Say

“Ms. Dixon was very patience with me! She answered every question and phone call professionally. She was very informative as well. I will definitely be going through her for more training classes!”
Marie Slator-Eubanks
“I scheduled my first consultation with Ms Dixon and I would like to thank her for her support. She was very knowledgeable and supportive and always ready to help in any way. I ended up taking a training and I enjoy the training course tremendously and I look forward to taking another training with her. She is professional, friendly, quick response and so awesome!”
“I’ve taken 2 courses with Early Care Evolution. They are simple and easy to follow and loaded with a ton of information! I will continue to use Early Care Evolution for future trainings and highly recommend them to anyone else.!”
Natasha Marquis
"Took several courses from Ms Dixon and found her great to work with! Very courteous and helpful in any way possible!"
Linda Williams

Daycare Provider 2021 Weekly-Monthly Planner & Calendar

All-in-one Record Keeping System

This planner is designed to help you stay organized and save time during licensing visits and tax season, by having all your business-related records organized in one convenient place. This planner has a total of 150 pages and includes discounts codes and other resources for early childcare professionals.

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