Health and Safety


State Approved: AL, FL

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Ten (10) Clock Hours | 1 CEUs | 1 Year Access

CCDF Health and Safety certificate program was designed to meet the requirements for the Health and Safety Training for providers who serve children. Content includes:

  1. Prevention and Control of childhood infectious diseases (2 clock hrs | 0.2 CEUs)
    • Prevention and control of infectious diseases (including immunizations)
  2. Child Maltreatment I (2 clock hrs | 0.2 CEUs)
    • Recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect.
  3. Administration of Medication (1 clock hr | 0.1 CEUs)
    • Administration of medication (Illness Detection)
  4. Food Safety (1 clock hr | 0.1 CEUs)
    • Prevention of and response to emergencies due to food and allergic reactions
  5. Transportation Safety (1 clock hr | 0.1 CEUs)
    • Precautions in transporting children
  6. Safe Sleep SUIDS vs SIDS (1 clock hr | 0.1 CEUs)
    • Safe sleep practices to prevent sudden infant death syndrome
    • Child Growth and Development of muscles
  7. Shaking Baby Syndrome (1 clock hr  | 0.1 CEUs)
    • Prevention of shaken baby syndrome, abusive head trauma
    • Child Growth and Development of the brain
  8. Environmental Safety (1 clock hr | 0.1 CEUs)
    • Building and physical premises safety
    • Handling and storage of hazardous materials and the appropriate disposal of bio-contaminants.
    • Emergency preparedness and response planning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Clarify prevention and control of infectious diseases (including immunization)
  • Recognize and report child abuse and neglect.
  • Practice preventing sudden infant death syndrome
  • Identify ways to prevention of shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma
  • Demonstrate the correct way to administrate medication
  • Recognize an emergency due to food and allergic reactions and respond
  • Describe the correct way to handle and storage hazardous materials and the appropriate way to dispose of bio-contaminants.
  • Recognize how to safely transport children.
  • Observe areas in the environment to make sure the building and physical premises are safe.
  • Review different scenarios to plan for an emergency and be prepared to respond.
  • Identify ways that growth and development takes place in a child’s brain and with their muscles.
Material Needed:

  • Writing Paper
  • A pen or pencil

  • N/A

  • Access to a Laptop or Desktop
  • Internet connection. High speed broadband access (LAN, Cable or DSL) is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience.
  • A graphical browser is required, such as, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • An E-mail account that is accessible.

Register for a new account or login an existing account by clicking on the “take course” button, add course to the cart, and complete purchase(s). To receive credit for completing this course participants should read all material, take notes, and complete all the required assignments. There is a final assessment at the end of this course. Participants will have two attempts to take the final assessment and must pass with a 70% or higher to earn a certificate of completion and 1 CEUs.

Please note there will be no extra attempts to re-take the final assessment, once you have started the final assessment be sure to complete it without interruption. If you are not able to pass the final assessment with a 70% or higher we encourage you to consider taking another course that meet your requirements or wait 30 days before you re-take this course.


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